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Sweetheart Beanie

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

An adorable beanie made to match the Sweetheart Sweater.

Click your preferred shop below to grab the pattern or scroll down to read all about it!

P.S. You can also find this pattern free from Lion Brand! (Link is located at the bottom of this blog.) Keep in mind, this free version doesn't match my writing style or have colored coded sizing. You also won't be eligible to receive any updated versions.

This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that I get a tiny commission if you purchase something by going through one of my links at NO extra charge to you! It helps support me and my family :)


This pretty, little, textured thing is the perfect way to add an extra dose of sweet to any outfit! It's entirely made up of traditional/modified back loop single crochets, which give it a knit-like look, and is accented with cute puff stitches. Plus, it's super simple to make! It's literally a rectangle, folded in half. (No decreases or increases!)

SIZES AVAILABLE: Baby (Child, Adult) Keep in mind, since this beanie is worked from side to side, you can easily make it for any size head!



Fitted: About 1 (2, 2) balls (or 115, 210, 255 yds)

Slouchy: About 2 (2, 3) balls (or 175, 280, 330 yds)

(A great substitution is 44th Street by Yarn Bee or any sport weight yarn.)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the pattern today by clicking your preferred shop below.

Oh, and don't forget to check out its sister pattern, the Sweetheart Sweater!

Stay cozy, friends!

❤ Kayla

Click here for the FREE verion from Lion Brand!

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I’m allergic to alpaca and wool. Would this work with alternative yarns?

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