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Hi I'm Kayla, and I'm the maker behind Kay Krochets! 


I believe in God, am married to the stud muffin in the picture above and am a stay-at-home momma to our 3 children. 


I absolutely love trying new things and seeing new places. A few of my favorite hobbies are photography, hiking, pottery, painting, attempting to play the piano, and, obviously, crochet.


I picked up a hook for the first time in the summer of 2016, while pregnant with our first. After learning the basics from YouTube tutorials, I decided to start selling custom goods (which mainly consisted of newborn photoshoot props.)


After about a year though, I realized that creating what others wanted me to create made me lose my passion for the craft. So, I decided to take on designing! 


My goal is to create beautiful, practical items for the modern maker. 

Want to get to know me better? Follow me on social media!

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