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Sunday Scarf

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Click your preferred shop below to grab the pattern or scroll down to read all about it.

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The Sunday Scarf is a modern accessory lightweight and airy enough for every season!

This beautiful piece features fascinating, architectural-like lines that draw your eyes from one end to the other and is filled with open stiches that create a breathable, drape-y fabric. Best of all, it's created by simply seaming 5 beginner rated triangles together. That's it!


The pdf offers easy to follow, row by row instructions, helpful diagrams, and a video tutorial so there's no confusion!


The three main goals I had in mind when designing this scarf were 1) I wanted it to be something anyone could make, 2) it could be worn anywhere at anytime, and 3) interesting, of course!

So, to accomplish the first two goals, I knew that I needed to use beginner stitches and that those stitches together needed to create an airy fabric.

Done and done!

To reach goal # 3, I knew the construction would have to be unique since the stitches were so simple. A few doodles later and WABAM! It became interesting. (Btw, I'm not sure I would've thought of this type of construction so fast if it weren't for Mollie from @whiteowlcrochetco, so shoutout to her!)


YARN: 6 balls of Truboo by LBY (or approx. 1185 yards of any DK weight yarn.)


I really hope you all love this design as much as I do. Happy making, buds!

❤ Kayla

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