Maker Mind, All the Time

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I'm so excited to announce that you can now order a CHS & WIPS EXCITE ME top!

If you are a crocheter that 1) is a fan of RiRi or 2) likes "dark" humor, this shirt is for you! (Side note: The pictured v-neck is no longer available. The shirts now have a classic crewneck.) Click here to grab one for yourself (or a fellow crocheter) or scroll down to read more about it.

This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that I get a tiny commission if you purchase something by going through one of my links at NO extra charge to you! It helps support me and is truly a win win for everyone!


This lightweight, v-neck shirt is a unique take on the popular S&M song by Rihanna. It features a crochet hook with a foundation chain that imitates the action of a whip and says "CHS & WIPS EXCITE ME" spelled in a way that only crocheters would understand. It's pre-shrunk and available in men's sizes S-4X.


Anytime I sang S&M, my maker mind would always take over. And after posting a photo of how I took this quote on Instagram, someone mentioned that it would make a great t-shirt and I clearly agreed! So that night I got to work in Photoshop. Once I decided on a design, I scrolled through countless t-shirt options until I finally came across this one. A few clicks and a credit card later, voila! This shirt was born.

I hope you find the design as funny and adorable as I do! Click here to order one now!