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Harvest Festival Poncho

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

An easy to make fall layer with beautiful results!

Click your preferred shop below to grab the pattern or scroll down to read all about it.


SIDE NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that I get a tiny commission if you purchase something by going through one of my links at NO extra charge to you. It helps support my family and me, making it a win-win for everyone!


The Harvest Festival Poncho is a beautiful layer that'll keep you stylish and warm all winter long! It features a stunning, ribbed neckline and is filled with the classic granny stitch. Plus, it's SUPER easy to create. (Just 2 rectangles!)


SIZES: XS/S (M/L, XL/2X, 3X-4X)

A. PONCHO WIDTH (at widest): 32 (36, 38, 40)"

B. RECOMMENDED BUST: 30-36 (37-42, 43-50, 51-61)"



HOOKS: 4 mm, 5 mm, & 6 mm crochet hooks

YARN: Approx. 1160 (1280, 1685, 1745) yards of Viscose and Cotton Baby Yarn by Darn Good Yarn (I personally used Cestari Ashlawn Cotton and Wool in the color Okra but, unfortunately, that yarn has been discontinued) Great substitutions include Berroco Remix or any DK weight yarn.


This pattern wouldn't be what it is today without these talented and beautiful makers! These ladies poured so much time and effort into this design and, for that, I am so grateful 🖤 Click here to check each of them out on Instagram!

Flippin' stunning on everyone, right?! So, what are you waiting for? Click your preferred shop below and start creating today!


Happy making!

❤ Kayla

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1 Comment

Karen St. Clair
Karen St. Clair
Sep 16, 2020

Hello Kayla, The poncho with the turtleneck is beautiful, however, is its proper name the "Harvest Festival Poncho?" When I clicked on the link to get the pattern I was directed to a completely different looking poncho, without a high neck, that is also named "Harvest Festival Poncho." Just thought I'd ask. LOVE your designs. Keep up the wonderful work :)

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