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Breckenridge Beanie | Classic Top-Down Crochet Cable Beanie

Updated: Mar 2

A cozy crochet beanie filled with classic, twisting cables.

Scroll down to read all about the design or click your preferred shop below to grab the pattern!

This post contains affiliate links. All that means is that I get a tiny commission if you purchase something by going through one of my links at NO extra charge to you! It helps support my business, making it a win win for everyone!


The Breckenridge Beanie is a timeless crochet accessory that's perfect for the entire family! Every inch is covered with intricate cables that start at the crown and naturally wind their way down. It's finished with a folded, ribbed brim for extra warmth.

The pattern includes easy to follow instructions for 4 sizes, a stitch chart for the repeat rounds, and photo tutorials for the "advanced" parts so, there's no confusion!


This beanie is worked from the top-down, in joined rounds. You'll start by crocheting the crown, increasing until you get to the right stitch count for the size you want. Then, you'll simply repeat rounds until you reach your desired length! You'll finish by adding ribbing to the base. (Which I have a video tutorial for!)


The Breckenridge Beanie was actually something I designed back in 2019! However, the first prototype didn't turn out great. It was all ruffly on top from awkward decrease rows, and I didn't love how spaced out the cables were. (See below.) But I wasn't exactly sure how to fix those issues, so it got thrown into a pile of disappointed makes and the design was forgotten.

Time went on, my crochet skills got better, and after successfully making a different cabled beanie (Cable Trapper Beanie), I decided to give the Breckenridge Beanie another shot. And voila! The Breckenridge Beanie was finally good enough for the world!


Want the cables to be a different color so they really pop? I gotchu, boo! There's a note on how to make a 2 toned beanie like the one pictured below.




YARN: Approx. 165 (245, 280, 300) yards of Warm & Cozy by Yarn Bee (Great substitutions include: Knit Picks Swish DK or any heavier dk or lighter worsted weight yarn.)



Below are the beautiful beanies made by the women who tested this pattern! They each gave up time, used up yarn, and shared knowledge to help make this pattern the best it can be and for that, I'm truly grateful. Click that right arrow to see how stunning each beanie turned out and don't forget to click on each photo to some love on Instagram!

So, whatchya waiting for, friend? Grab some yarn from the stash and start creating it today!

Happy making ❤


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