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Cascade Super Scarf - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A beginner Tunisian crochet project with "not so beginner" looking results.

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The Cascade Super Scarf is a classic, knit-like accessory that is perfect for both men and women! It's simple design allows you to wear it with any outfit and its traditional shape makes it timeless. One thing that may not be so ordinary about it, though, is its length. It's a whopping 10 feet long which means you can wrap it up as much or as little as you want, making it perfect for those frigid mornings and warmer afternoons.

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DIFFICULTY - Beginner/Easy

FINISHED SIZE - About 7 x 120 in. (18 x 305 cm)


YARN: Lion Brand® Wool-Ease

3 balls of color A (White/Multi) or 490 yds of any worsted weight yarn

2 balls of color B (Natural Heather) or 390 yds of any worsted weight yarn

HOOK: L11 (8 mm) crochet hook with 6" cord (You could also use an afghan hook!)

NOTIONS: scissors, tape measure, threading needle


ch = chain

slst = slip stitch

st(s) = stitch(es)

tks = Tunisian knit stitch (see special stiches)

tss = Tunisian simple stitch (see special stitches)


14 tks x 16 rows = about 4 in. (10 cm)



tks: place hook between next front and back vertical bar, push hook all the way to the back of work, y/o, pull up a loop (Need a visual? Check out my YouTube tutorial by clicking here.)

tss: place hook under next vertical bar (continuing to stay on the front side of your work), y/o, pull up a loop

return pass: y/o pull through 1 loop, *y/o pull through 2 loops*, repeat ** across until 1 loop remains

Pin it now. Make it later!


1. When switching colors, always "lock" the yarn by placing the old color in front of the new color.


With color A, chain 25.

Row 1 (RS): place hook into back loop of 2nd ch from hook, y/o, pull up a loop, *place hook into back loop of next ch, y/o, pull up a loop*, repeat ** across, with color B return pass (see notes) --- 25 sts

Row 2: continuing with color B tks across, with color A return pass --- 25 sts

Rows 3: continuing with color A tks across, with color B return pass --- 25 sts

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until piece measures about 120 in. (304.8 cm), end with a Row 2 repeat.

Continuing with color A, loosely slst across and finish off.


With color A yarn, cut 100 14 in. (35 cm) strands of yarn.

With RS facing you, attach 2 strands in each st on both ends of scarf by doing the following:

1. Fold 2 strands in half

2. With hook, go through a st on the scarf, grab the middle of the 2 strands and pull through.

3. Grab the 4 ends and pull them through the "circle" you just make with the 2 strands on the other side.

4. Make sure ends are even and pull 4 strands tight.

Once finished attaching fringe, cut them all to the same length.


Weave in all ends and block if necessary.

I hope you all love this classic design as much as I do! Don't forget to use the hashtags #KayKrochets and #CascadeSuperScarf on Instagram/Facebook so I can see your beautiful creation and for a chance to be featured! Have a fantabulous day and never forget that God loves you.

❤ Kayla

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